Appraisal and Evaluation Certificates | Central Diamond Administration
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Jewellery Valuations & Appraisal Certificates

Insurance Valuations

This is generally sought for insurance purposes and is the highest value. It is based on the current retail price with about 15% escalation & on an estimated cost of replacement of the item with one of similar specifications.

Retail Value

This is the price one would expect to pay currently if you went into a shop and bought the item new.

Second Hand Value

This refers to the value of the used piece of jewellery. It does not include margin, etc. A client may receive between 50 and 75% of its retail value when selling privately or to a Jeweler.

male appraiser's hands with diamond bracelet
Estate Value

This is the lowest value, usually, but not always around 25% of retail value. It is the value a piece should obtain on a forced sale.